The Summer in Action!

Summer 2010! You’re in it, and I know you’re already loving it!

TKD classes are still on Saturday mornings at 10.

Date to remember:
August 21, 2010: Practice and Black Belt Test, Gilboa, NY

Links of interest:
World Martial Arts Association
Brockport Tae Kwon Do
Ohanamalu Tae Kwon Do


February 27, 2010

Next weekend (2/27/2010), there will be no regular practice in the park. We will be on a field trip to support the Ohanamalu TKD Program in Buffalo, NY.

We’ll be leaving in the 9:00 am area, and we will be getting home in the early afternoon. Bring your uniform and a $10 donation. If you need any more information, speak with your teacher/instructor.

There are a few events in March, and I’ll update you soon!

February Events

What’s going on in February, you may ask? Most of you reading this already know. But let me update you anyway!

Safety Officer CPR Re-certification: February 6 in the evening; the handful of people getting certified have the details.

Black Belt Winter Camp: President’s Day Weekend; Everyone going has made their travel arrangements. And if you have not made your travel arrangements, do so!

Ohanamalu Exhibition and Children’s Test: February 27th, 10am; See your teacher/instructor for travel arrangements. $10 donation suggested.

I think we’re all looking forward to spring. I am, anyway. There are plenty of events every month, and I’ll try to keep them updated before they actually happen!

January Events

If you’re not already signed up for it, you’re probably not going: January 6th, 2010 day trip to Brooklyn.

The weekend of January 15th, 2010 is the college weekend at the Cabin. There will be no outdoor practice in the park on that weekend.

This winter, it looks like we’re expanding! TKD East in Webster Park (times TBD). James Arnold will be teaching class this winter!

So bundle up and head out into the snow! We’re waiting for you!

Flower City Challenge

They’ve set a date and an official page!

The Flower City Challenge includes a Duathlon, Triathlon, Half Marathon, and a 5k!

The dates are:
Saturday, April 24th, 2010 for the Duathlon and Triathlon.
Sunday, April 25th, 2010 for the Half Marathon and 5k.

Get your training on!
I only say that because May 30st, 2010 is the Buffalo Marathon. Which, incidentally, is my father’s birthday.

Winter Warriors!

Why just be a Weekend Warrior when you can also be a Winter Warrior!?

Fleet Feet holds an annual Winter Warrior motivational competitiony-type thing where you accrue points and win fabulous prizes while you work your way through winter to stay fit and running. And it looks like you can meet people and make new friends and stuff like that, too. They have free social runs as well as fee-based races that you can earn points from participating in. Take a look at their website for the schedules!

Winter Warriors

Greetings all,

This year, my mom and I will be putting together Shoe Box Christmas Gifts for the Open Door Mission in Rochester, NY. This is a call for anyone interested in donating items for us to pack, giftwrap, and drop off. There is need for travel sized personal hygiene items for men, women, and children. This includes, but it not limited to: bar soap, deodorant, disposable razors, lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc. Also, we need to include winter accessories like scarves, hats, or mittens. These items should be new.

We also need shoe boxes!

If you wish to donate items or money for items (or even let me know where you saw a great deal on something), please email me at darkfact@rocketmail.com.

I am trying to collect everything by December 15th so we can put everything together and drop them off by the 18th.

Many thanks for your help!